INGENIUM® BLU is a brand new series of Bluetooth enabled LED lamps which use Bluetooth technology to connect to and control lighting fixtures in homes and commercial spaces. With the INGENIUM® BLU Solution’s integrated Bluetooth technology you can enjoy the benefits of smart lighting with instant and easy set-up.

The upgraded INGENIUM® BLU Generation 2 system applies Bluetooth 4.1 technology and uses a mesh network topology – a key network architecture that extends the coverage area several times wider than before and allows for the control of substantially more lamps – all while using less of your smart device’s battery power. Giving users simultaneous control of up to 8 times more lamps or devices (64) than with its first generation products, the upgraded INGENIUM® BLU system also boasts improved dimming performance with a range of 100%-5%.

How it works

Download the
LED lamps / luminaires
Control your lighting
using your smart device

What INGENIUM® BLU can do

  • Power

    Turn on/off the lights

  • Dimming

    Adjust brightness level with linear dimming functions

  • Routines

    Pre-set the time to turn on/off, soft start or dim the lights

  • Grouping

    Control lighting devices room-by-room

  • Scenes

    Set programmes for your favourite settings for repeated use


Simple and Affordable

INGENIUM® BLU is the most economical way to get started with a smart lighting solution.

Easy Installation

Can be set up without wiring, making it accessible
and cost-effective for everyone

Mobile Control

Control the latest MEGAMAN® LED
lamps via a smart device

Scene Setting

Set lighting routines that fit your lifestyle


Higher energy savings when dimming
function is used



Model No: LG2311dBT
Wattage: 11W
Lamp Base: E27
Luminous Flux (lm): 810
Rated Life (hrs): 25000
Dimmable: 100-10%

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Technical Specifications

Bluetooth version: 4.1
Expected coverage: 10 metres
Maximum number of lamps / modules to be
connected at the same time:
64 pieces in each group
(Maximum 8 pieces for iOS 8)
Maximum number of groups: 8 groups per app
Maximum number of lamps per group: 64 pieces in each group
(Maximum 8 pieces for iOS 8)
Maximum number of scene set per group: At least 64 scenes available
(Dependent of smart device)
Control unit: Smart device with app (iOS or Android)
Network topology: Mesh
Applications: Household use, showroom, lounge,
function room, conference room,
reception area, etc.

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