Environment and Sustainability

Emphasising a high priority in reducing the environmental impact, from product development to disposal and recycling, MEGAMAN® offers a way of life that substantially benefits consumers as well as the environment.

Environmental Policy

MEGAMAN® is passionately dedicated in enhancing the quality of life and conserving the environment. By setting environmental management as one of our highest priorities, MEGAMAN® is committed to reducing the environmental impact arising across the product life cycle, which is from design, manufacture, packaging and transportation, use, disposal and recycle.
With our Environmental Policy "BUILDING A BETTER TOMORROW", we strive to:
  • Implement pollution-free processes in the entire product life cycle
  • Use renewable or recyclable materials to minimise the use of resources
  • Comply with environmental legislation and industry code of practice
  • Promote environmental protection awareness among staff and business partners


  • Better utilization of office resources
  • Office wastage recycling
  • Energy conservation
  • Operation awareness
  • Design for environment

Sustainable Development

Our internal "Design for Environment" program leads our product development towards sustainable development. Our goal is to make eco-friendly products offering better energy-efficiency, creating least environmental impact, avoiding hazardous substances, offering better durability and life expectancy and with recycled content and recyclability.

Running a Socially Responsible Business

MEGAMAN® takes its social responsibility seriously and has been involved in a wide variety of projects. Environmental protection projects include publication of “green books”, local and international “green events” participation, cooperation with retail shops to create pleasant, eco-friendly shopping environments, and instigating innovative, eco-lighting technology. Nurturing young talent projects include the sponsorship of a Hong Kong design competition and show, and collaboration with the Royal College of Art, UK, to research and apply new strategies for sustainable lighting in different applications. Concerning for society projects include donations for relief assistance and reconstruction following natural disasters.
Activities include:
  • Sponsoring the publication of “Go Green”
  • Sustainable Development International (SDI) “Climate Action”
  • WWF Earth Hour
  • WWF Walk for Nature
  • Friends of the Earth Dim it 621
  • HKSEA Art of Light
And more……
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