Controlling an LED

MEGAMAN® offers a range of tailor made LED converters to optimise the performance of its LED reflector products and modules.

The current/voltage characteristic of an LED is similar to other diodes, in that the current is dependent exponentially on the voltage; a small change in voltage can cause a large change in current. If the maximum voltage rating is exceeded by a small amount, the current rating may be exceeded by a large amount, potentially damaging or destroying the LED.

To avoid this scenario, MEGAMAN® uses constant current drivers with all of its LED lamps, to ensure their stable operation. By controlling the current through the LED in this way, the light output of the LED is equally regulated and no differences in light output are observed.

Additionally, MEGAMAN® offers LED reflectors for operation on AC/DC 12V. These products have an integrated constant current driver which allows operation directly on 12V AC/DC transformers. When halogen transformers are used to drive LED products care should be taken that the transformers can cope running on low load - that means one lamp on one transformer may not provide enough load to keep it running.

All MEGAMAN® converters have a long service life of 50,000 hours and offer multiple benefits:

  • Flicker free operation with stable output even with fluctuations of the supply voltage
  • Automatic restart capability when short-circuit or overload is absent
  • Equipped with harmonics filter to reduce main harmonics
  • Ambient temperature range -30°C to + 40°C
  • Power factor >0.9
  • Protection class II
  • Compliant with international standards with respect to electromagnetic interference

Additionally the constant current converters allow linear dimming (100% - 1%) with any DC1-10V dimmer.


Total dimming solution

The MEGAMAN® LED dimming series comes in three forms:

  • Linear dimming (for LED using conventional* Dimmer Switches)
  • Linear dimming (DC1-10V) (for LED with external drivers DC1-10V dimming)
  • U-DIMTM (for LED with either leading or trailing edge conventional dimmers)

Linear dimming for LED using conventional* Dimmer Switches

This provides a smooth dimming experience similar to that obtained with traditional incandescent and halogen lamps connected to a leading edge dimmer.

To dim, turn the knob to achieve the required brightness level from 100% to 10%.

Linear dimming for LED with External Drivers

Linear dimming facilitates a smooth dimming experience comparable to traditional lamp sources. The brightness level can be seamlessly dimmed from 100% down to 1% when the lamp is connected to a DC1-10V dimming driver and DC1-10V dimmer.

U-DIM™ for LED with either Leading or Trailing Edge Conventional Dimmers

U-DIM™ technology ensures our LEDs can be used with the widest range of existing dimmers (both leading and trailing edge conventional dimmers) and provide flicker free dimming. It also allows superior performance with an enhanced dim characteristic from 100% down to 5%.

INGENIUM® Smart Lighting

MEGAMAN® also offers INGENIUM® Smart Lighting solutions which give you full control, via your smart device or remote control, of the on/off, dimming and scene setting of your environment. Its ease of use, installation and scalability makes INGENIUM® perfect for an endless list of applications.

There is no standard for dimmer switches therefore we cannot guarantee performance on every dimmer switch.
Please visit for the latest list of compatible dimmers and general dimming guidelines.