Clean-Up Procedures In Case Of Lamp Breakage

It’s safe! MEGAMAN® employs amalgam in manufacturing its series of energy saving lamps. Even when a MEGAMAN® energy saving lamp breaks, there is NO health hazard or pollution problem posed to people or the environment.

When your MEGAMAN® energy saving lamp breaks, simply handle it as you would handle a broken glass.

Carefully sweep up the broken glass tube and scoop up all the fragments and powder. Keep it in a safe place to prevent injury caused by the broken glass.

All parts of the lamp, including the glass tube, the amalgam, the lamp housing and the lamp base, can be recycled. We recommend that these materials are returned to any collection centre for proper recycling.

For details of the proper disposal method for CFLs according to the WEEE Directive, which is applicable in the EU, please refer to the section, "Disposal of Products at Its End of Life".