Other Fixture Brands

Specialising in Energy Saving Lighting, MEGAMAN® teams up with worldwide renowned luminaire designers and manufacturers to provide you the total lighting solution for a wide range of commercial and home applications.


With an annual turnover of 57 million Euro and over 150 million lamps manufactured each year, LEUCI is now a leading and internationally renowned company. Thanks to the impressive quality of its products, LEUCI is highly appreciated in the lighting industry and has been certified with ISO9001. This wealth of experience and technology, together with continuous research programmes, has led LEUCI to become one of the most important companies in terms of product range in lighting.


Founded in 1962, Leucos is resulted from a masterful merge of rising design enthusiasm in the 1960s and the most refined traditions of handcrafted Murano glass. An artistic combination of Old World glass techniques and modern engineering, Leucos has become a renowned leader of contemporary glass lighting designs.


LOMBARDO S.p.A. has led a predominant position in the field of lighting in Italian market and foreign markets. LOMBARDO's success results from a serious commitment to lighting, cost effective investment in technological improvement and effort in reinforcing a professional image. Realisation of the "best" quality products emanates from a fusion of leading edge technology, contemporary fashion and designs as well as a highly efficient infrastructure within the organisation.


Founded on March 18th 1980, Lucente manufactures indoor lighting products for both the consumer and commercial markets. In order to meet the increasing demands of the market, in the past few years, LUCENTE took over a few industrial concerns and has since then offered its clients a wider range of products.


Mareco Luce is renowned for the reliability and functionality of its products, striking a right balance between quality and price. Specialising in urban architectural lighting, Mareco Luce possesses strong passion for reducing energy consumption and light pollution with the creation of a series of indoor and outdoor lighting elements which represent a brilliant synthesis between design, resistance, durability and cost.


Prandina has started its business in the interior lighting industry since 1982. Oriented towards defining effective and recognisable luminaires in terms of design and technology, Prandina believes in productive teamwork with established and emerging designers, both Italian and foreigner, and looks for proposals which are stylish or fashion oriented. Prandina is now present in the European, North and South American, Middle East and Asian markets.


RZB Leuchten is one of the ten largest companies in the industry in Germany, offering products and solutions with superior quality lighting technology. On the company premises of 100,000 sq. metres and 450 staff, a product range of more than 10,000 items are developed and produced. The originality of the brand lies in its outstanding design and lighting technology, the straightforward installation and the convenience of the products.


TRILUX aims at making light better for both people and the environment. By utilizing its unique lighting technology and professionalism, TRILUX offers global customers with comprehensive and effective lighting solutions.


Zenia offers luminaries with innovative, functional and contemporary style, for both commercial and residential applications. Their unique design and high performance lighting cater the needs of distinct customers.