MEGAMAN® is in support of the Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Programme

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), reduce electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. However, the lamps contain tiny amount of mercury, care should be taken during the collection and disposal of the used lamps. To this end, in response to the Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Programme (FLRP), MEGAMAN® has set up collection points at their concept stores to collect all used mercury-containing lamps.

Act now for a greener planet!

About the Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Programme

The Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Programme provides households with free collection and treatment for all used mercury-containing lamps, including compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), fluorescent tubes and high intensity discharge lamps. The objective is to reduce the environmental risk from improper disposal of these lamps and to recover resources.

The programme is a voluntary Producer Responsibility Scheme that is funded by 15 members of the lighting trade and supported by the Environmental Protection Department, and three green groups (Friends of the Earth, Green Power and Tai Po Environmental Association). It is also supported by the Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies, Housing Authority, Housing Society, and three companies (Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd, Pricerite Stores Ltd and Japan Home Centre (HK) Ltd), which help to set up public collection points at shopping malls and retail outlets respectively. The initial goal is to collect 400,000 spent lamps from households each year.

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