Plum Blossoms Gallery.

Location: Hong Kong, China


Eco-lighting Enhances Art Appreciation in Plum Blossoms Gallery


During the weekends, you can refresh your mind and have a break from real life by going to an art gallery or museum. That is why we believe that art can be an effective therapy to soul and even create an oasis for people away from the annoying city life. Located at Hollywood Road, opposite the former Central Police station, Plum Blossoms Gallery has a strict attitude not only in selecting quality art pieces for exhibition, but also in creating a comfortable environment for their guest.


Harmonise with the Environment with the Use of Eco-Lighting Solution

Established in Hong Kong since 1987, Plum Blossoms Gallery has been devoted in promoting the contemporary Chinese Art. Over the years, Plum Bossoms Gallery has held numerous exhibitions for many talented Chinese and Asian artists in their Hong Kong, Singapore and New York galleries, helping them on the path to the international stage.


Plum Blossoms Gallery has decorated its Central gallery with the use of a wooden floor. Complementing the yellowish lighting, which is different from the white lighting commonly used in an office environment, Plum Blossoms Gallery is trying to deliver a warm feeling for their guests. As mentioned by the Gallery Manager, Mr. Khan, they would like to create a “Home-feel” gallery to their guest. Further extending the idea of “Home” to harmonisation with the environment, the gallery has given up usingtraditional incandescent lamps and has changed to using energy-saving lamps. This helps to reduce electricity consumption and CO2 emissions.


LED and CFL - An Ideal Lighting Solution to Highlight Artwork

Dr. Victor Lai, the Associate Professor & Associate Head of the Department of Cultural & Creative Arts, the Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong, who studied at the Royal College of Art in London and is experienced in analysing the importance of lighting effects on artwork, stated that the most ideal source to light up the art pieces is natural daylight, which may not be consistent and available in an indoor environment. Therefore, for instance, the gallery has to rely on an appropriate artificial lighting system to highlight the paintings. However, conventional halogen lamps used to project light at one focal point not only consumes a lot of electricity but also generates high heat that can damage the paintings. Furthermore, the gloss surface of an oil painting would cause flares and discomfort to the eyes of the visitors if inappropriate light intensity and illumination angle are applied. As a result, the visitors have to move around to appreciate the painting in full. Plum Blossoms Gallery understands the importance of lighting to the interior environment and has chosen to employ the MEGAMAN® eco-lighting solution in their interior lighting design. The compact fluorescent reflectors and LED reflectors are used to deliver “diverse light in wide beam angle” and “focused light in narrow beam angle” respectively.


Energy-saving lamps can light up a large area effectively and evenly. Moreover, they generate much less heat and cause less damage to the art pieces. Dr. Lai has visited the gallery in person and agreed the new lighting technology can help to enhance the quality of the art pieces. The LED light can provide sufficient brightness even 10 feet away from the display items. He also mentioned that the complementary use of LED light and energy-saving lamp can deliver satisfactory lighting performance comparable to natural daylight, so that the audience can appreciate art in a comfortable environment. What’s more, the lighting designer of MEGAMAN® specially highlighted the white chairs in the middle of the gallery to create a brilliant focus for the gallery environment.


There are a number of advantages to Plum Blossoms Gallery having employed the new eco-lighting solution. While the energy consumption is lowered, so is the electricity cost. In addition, unlike the incandescent counterpart, which releases much heat and levers the room temperature, energy-saving lamps further help reduce electricity consumption from air-conditioning. With lamp life 10 times longer and lower CO2 emissions, these eco-savers are both environment-saving and cost-saving.



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