Hong Kong Records.

Location: Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong Records The Eco-Philosophy of Customer Care


Every little thing we do in our daily life may leave a carbon footprint. Taking a usual shopping experience of audio and video products as an example, the atmosphere created by the shop lighting also adversely affects the environment. The good news is that with strategic store design and thoughtfully planned lighting, such effects can be minimised. Hong Kong Records, one of the largest multimedia product retailers in Hong Kong, has succeeded in achieving a perfect balance between environmental protection and the needs of customers.


The Perfect Solution to Address the Needs of the Customers and the Environment

Hong Kong Records with a collection of over 300,000 audio and video products, now operates 3 shops with a total area of more than 20,000 square feet. With thousands of customers visiting the stores each year, Hong Kong records has devised an eco-lighting plan that also addresses the needs of the customers – a provision of a comfortable shopping environment where customers can explore titles of their choice with ease. In light of this, starting from 2009, the company has employed MEGAMAN® eco-lighting solutions, which deliver sufficient lighting for highlighting the product display without glare.


Efficient Downlight – KEVINA

The KEVINA Downlight has a unique design and a stylish outlook. The downlight, complementing the MEGAMAN® MATRIX-PL-T2 plug-in tube, is energy efficient and long lasting in operation. Not only does the MEGAMAN® lamp require only 10W to 13W to produce the equivalent light of 75W to 100W halogen lamps, it also possesses a longer lamp life of 15,000 hours, lasting much longer than the 1,000 hours of halogens. With such changes on the lighting setting, Hong Kong Records achieves significant savings in electricity and maintenance costs. What's more, CO2 emissions are greatly reduced.


In addition, the KEVINA downlight is made of high quality metallic materials. The reflector is specially designed with glare shield protection that can deliver a narrow shaft of light (in 30° beam angle), casting focused illumination on objects without glares. The MEGAMAN® eco-lighting solution helps to create a comfortable and a relaxing shopping atmosphere for customers.


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