Location: Hong Kong, China

“Green Corporation” Towngas Strives to Reduce CO2 Emissions


Being one of the largest energy suppliers in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) strives to provide their customers with a safe, reliable supply of gas and the caring, competent and efficient service they expect, while working to preserve, protect and improve the environment. For years, the company has been promoting this eco-message to the general public and has been taking immediate actions to reduce carbon in all its business activities.


From Green Production to Green Application

Towngas’ environmental commitment is illustrated by the fact that back in the 1970s it switched its production feedstock from coal and heavy oil to naphtha, which yields a cleaner gas with higher efficiency. Naptha also boasts very low sulphur content, which means a reduction in sulphur dioxide emissions, a major contributor to acid rain. Then in 2006, in an effort to further reduce the environmental impact of its gas production process, Towngas introduced natural gas as a dual feedstock with naphtha, resulting in an annual reduction of CO2 emissions of 107,000 tons.


Along with such changes, Towngas is active in developing new sources of energy. A prime example is the Landfill Gas Utilisation Project at the North East New Territories (NENT) Landfill, which was launched in 2007. Treated landfill gas processed in the plant is sent by pipeline to the Towngas Tai Po Plant as fuel to produce gas. In addition, Towngas continues to encourage consumers to use gas products and appliances. When a family in Hong Kong uses gas, the CO2 reduction is equal to about 8 trees being planted, so one can imagine the impact if every family makes the change.


Eco-Lighting Creates a Comfortable Shop

At the same time, the 16 Towngas Customer Centres in the territory provide walk-in shopping convenience for customers and offer a full suite of consultation services, including appliance purchase and handling customer general inquiries. The Towngas Customer Centres are decorated in a simple and stylish way, with displays of different series of gas appliances to fully meet the various needs of the household. To leverage the efficiency of energy consumption in the Customer Centres, Towngas has employed MEGAMAN® eco-lighting solutions in its newly decorated Telford Plaza Customer Centre and Tsim Sha Tsui Customer Centre. Both MEGAMAN® energy saving lamps and LED reflectors were in place together with the fixtures of NOVELLA, CONXENTO and MOSAIC series to create a comfortable environment.


These energy savers consume far less energy than traditional incandescent and halogen lamps that translates to reduction in greenhouse gases emission during electricity generation. Moreover, with little heat released by these lamps, electricity consumption for air-conditioning can be further reduced, helping to protect the environment and creating a comfortable shopping space. Energy saving lamps when used with NOVELLA and CONXENTO downlight fixtures can deliver soothing and exceptional light that is perfect for ambient lighting. And MEGAMAN® LED reflectors, used with the MOSAIC tracklight, can deliver brilliant directional light with a narrow beam to produce a spotlight effect, allowing users to highlight specific item or area.


As a responsible “Green Corporation”, Towngas strives to integrate eco-elements into all of its business activities. Its success has been rewarded with various awards and recognised by different parties, including the Hong Kong Awards for Industries, Productivity and Quality in 2008, and the Environmental Performance in 2004 and 2007.



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