Location: Shanghai, China
Interior Designer: PplusP Designers Ltd

Designer’s Eco-Project
Eco-Lighting is a Trend for Interiors


An exciting new shopping experience in the heart of Hong Kong’s Lighting solutions, especially LEDs, accentuate the threedimensional spaces and dramatise the feelings interior designers wish to create for different spaces. With its continuous innovation, MEGAMAN® has been offering a comprehensive and diverse array of LED product choices which are most ideal for sophisticated interior design. Even more, LED lightings’ eco-friendly nature and other cutting advantages over traditional halogen or incandescent lamps prompted many discerning interior designers to switch to LED solutions. A good example is Hong Kong-based PplusP Designers, the interior design firm tasked with recent interiors for high-end audio brand McIntosh Machines’ outlet in Shanghai.


Best for the Best

Best sound products deserve the best lighting partners. McIntosh Machines recently opened in the prestigious Plaza 66 in Shanghai, alongside the likes of Hermes, Cartier, Bvlgari and the world’s largest Louis Vuitton store. Bold and seamless characterised the outlet’s interior design as its top-class audio products targeting the exclusive and high-end market. PplusP Designers used black and stainless steel to represent the feeling of boldness and mechanical nature.


McIntosh’s outlet has many interesting features, including the main entrance’s door handles which resemble McIntosh’s signature machine, “time tree” which is a striking spiral feature telling the company’s milestones, and other display units such as the oversized scroll button and hi-fi needles. To highlight these unique designs, MEGAMAN®’s LED reflectors, namely LED AR111 series are used for multiple spotlight effect thanks to its excellent colour performance and a wide beam angle at 8°, 24° and 45°.


To enhance the feeling of comfort in the two main theatres, designers also adopted MEGAMAN® LED AR111 series and the LED Classic series rather than traditional halogen or incandescent lamps. The lamp’s lower heat dissipation also means less harm to the valuable McIntosh products, while their longer rated life of up to 25,000 hours, ensures less maintenance is needed. The MEGAMAN® LED Classic series can also generate an even light distribution of 330 degrees, which offers all-round lighting instead of single direction, thus ensuring maximum comfort for eyes. It is ideal for all conceivable uses around the homes and commercial environments.


With superb interiors coupled with stunning LED lighting combinations, the result is a bold and seamless look that is tasteful and eye-catching.


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