Atlantic Hotel

Location: Lübeck, Germany

Atlantic Hotel replaces high energy lamps with the latest in LED technology from MEGAMAN®

Opened in spring 2010, the Atlantic Hotel in Lübeck, Germany, is the ultimate in style and comfort for the commercial traveller and tourist. Although situated in the heart of the Old Town of Lübeck, the building embraces all things modern. 


Alexander Staude, technical manager at the Atlantic Hotel explains further: “After a year of operation, the first of the halogen lamps within the high use areas of the hotel began come to the end of their life. We realised that this was the ideal opportunity to make an investment in LED technology that would very quickly give us significant energy savings. We wanted to have the same warm lighting that the halogens had given us, but not their high energy consumption and short lamp life.” Working closely with Jens Janke-Postelt, managing director at lighting specifiers Lightspectrum GmbH and electrical contractors, Bodo Wascher, it was recommended that the original MR16 GU5.3 35W halogen lamps throughout the lobby areas, corridors, restaurant and bar be replaced with MEGAMAN® LED 6W GU5.3 12V MR16 2800k reflectors.


MEGAMAN®’s family of MR16-compatible LED reflector lamps offer excellent lighting performance, heat dissipation and lumen maintenance thanks to the company’s patented Thermal Conductive Highway™ (TCH) technology. Designed for use in standard MR16 applications, the 6W MEGAMAN® LED MR16 reflector is compact, with a GU5.3-compatible lamp cap and a beam angle of 36 degrees for high quality accent lighting. "The 6W MEGAMAN® LED MR16 reflectors are very energy efficient lamps”, explains Jens Janke-Postelt. “Taken into account the average German electricity rates, over the course of a twelve month period, it is anticipated that such an installation would result in savings of €20,300 in energy costs, and 109,500kg CO2*."


The end result is not only highly energy efficient, but stunning as well. Alexander Staude concludes: “We have had very positive feedback on the replacement lamps. Their warm colour temperature has meant that they mimic the warmth of the original halogens exactly, yet use significantly less energy. In fact, performance has been so good that we have ordered the next 700 MEGAMAN® equivalents to replace the halogen MR16s throughout Hotel Atlantic’s 135 guest rooms.”


* Based on energy costs of €0.11417/kWh and 0.616 kg CO2 emission/kWh


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