Tao Square.

Location: Hong Kong, China

Tao Heung Eating with Green Style


Nowadays, people are always busy and have a tense lifestyle. When we have time to relax and enjoy a meal, we often have a higher demand for food and eating environment. Recently, people have become more concerned for their health and the conservation of the environment; some restaurants also have the same vision and add environmentally friendly elements in their business.


Apply Eco-Lighting, Be Responsible to Society

Starting in 1991, Tao Heung has built a network of 13 key brands with more than 60 restaurants in Hong Kong, and each brand represents a unique dining style and targets a specific clientele or dining preference. Being one of the top Chinese restaurant brands in Hong Kong, Tao Heung is committed to protect the environment as part of its corporate responsibility and it promises to upgrade its existing restaurants and facilities to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


Chinese restaurants are normally full of glowing and dazzling lights to manifest the glamour. However, this is supported by a large number of halogen lamps with high energy consumption, which increases the indoor temperature and results in higher electricity and operating costs. Starting from 2004, Tao Heung has chosen the MEGAMAN® eco-lighting solution. Tao Heung has replaced the lamps with energy saving lighting products. This helps to effectively lower electricity consumption and CO2 emissions.


Tao Square Success to Save Energy

The eco-lighting solution aims to provide a comprehensive lighting system to companies and to encourage them to replace traditional halogen lamps and incandescent lamps with energy saving lamps. Actually, when we use one kWh of power, it is equal to the release of 0.7 kilogram of CO2. Energy saving lamps save up to 80% of electricity in general, and the lamp life averages up to 15,000 hours. The new light source is energy efficient and the longer lamp life can reduce solid waste on disposal.


Tao Square retains Tao Heung’s spirit and is devoted to providing high quality food, service and environment for customers. For the environment, paddy underneath glasses is used as decoration. With grand crystal lights hanging from the ceiling from the front desk to the lobby, Tao Square provides an elegant and cosy dining environment for customers. The MEGAMAN® PAR38 reflector is a substitute for the hot halogen lamp. It creates excellent atmospheric lighting with low heat release and CO2 emission in the restaurant. Compared to other hotpot restaurants, Tao Square successfully provides a comfortable ambience with sufficient lighting, unlike traditional hotpot places. At Tao Square, you do not feel too hot, and this, together with its high quality food, attracts a lot of young customers.


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