Van der Valk

Location: Dordrecht, Netherlands

A warm welcome at Van der Valk and significant energy savings thanks to MEGAMAN®

When a new Van der Valk hotel was built in Dordrecht, energy efficiency was one of the key elements to the lighting scheme. However, the lighting also needed to communicate the warmth of halogen lighting, to mirror the warm welcome that Van der Valk wanted its guests to receive in one of the company’s hotels. By using the latest in LED lamp technology from MEGAMAN®, the end result is not only a warm, welcoming place to stay, but a hotel that is predicted to save €553,585 and 869,830 kg CO2 over the lifespan of the lighting installation*.


With 68 hotels in the Netherlands and a further 30 in countries as far afield as the Caribbean and the USA, the Van der Valk chain is the largest hospitality chain in the Netherlands. Originally begun over 150 years ago by Martien and Rie Van der Valk, the secret of the hotel chain’s success is its focus on guests receiving a warm welcome. This warmth needed to be reflected in the modern interiors and lighting scheme at Van der Valk Dordrecht, whilst maximising cost efficiencies.


Working closely with the construction team, The MEGAMAN® Sales Team, advised on the lighting installation at the hotel. By using a mix of MEGAMAN® LED lamps, the end result is a welcoming ambience that is not only highly energy efficient, but has already proved its low maintenance credentials; one year later the maintenance team at Dordrecht had not had to replace a single lamp or driver.


With a welcome so important to Van der Valk, warm white temperature LEDs were chosen for use throughout. Overall, 700 MEGAMAN® LED 10W G53 AR111 8° 2800K dimmable reflectors and 385 MEGAMAN® LED 10W G53 AR111 24° 2800K dimmable reflectors were used in the reception and restaurant areas. In addition 90 MEGAMAN® 4W LED PAR16/20 20° 2800K, GU10 reflectors were used in the dramatic chandeliers in the public areas.


The 8° and 24° beam angled MEGAMAN® LED AR111 lamps were grouped together throughout the Deltalight fixtures in the high ceilings of the reception and restaurant areas to increase the sparkling effect on the surfaces below. Such focused beam angles are only possible, because of MEGAMAN®’s precise light control using a unique axial geometry and patented Thermal Conductive Highway™ (TCH) technology. This focused light management also ensures that glare is minimised. With a lamp life of up to 40,000 hours it will be several years before they need to be replaced and thanks to 100-1% DALI controlled dimming, the AR111s and PAR16s in the reception and restaurant areas have brought lighting mood control as well as longevity to these public spaces.


As well as creating flexible, energy efficient lighting within the public spaces, the owners of Van der Valk Dordrecht also wanted to bring quality lighting into the private spaces of this new build hotel. With this in mind, 160 MEGAMAN® LED Classic 8W E27 2800K dimmable lamps were used in the hotel rooms, alongside 90 MEGAMAN® LED 3W, E27 Ping Pong 2800K in the bedside lamps. In the ensuite bathrooms, 90 MEGAMAN® 4W LED PAR16 20° 2800K, GU10 reflectors were used, to bring warmth to even this area of the guest experience.


The end result is not only significant energy and electricity bill savings, but the scheme has been well received by staff and guests alike. The light from MEGAMAN® LEDs is of such a high quality that after installation, the hotel owners were even approached with the request to quote for ‘replacing the existing halogen lamps in the hotel with LED lamp technology’. Thanks to the design of MEGAMAN®’s LED reflectors, they provide a true replacement to traditional halogen, metal halide and incandescent solutions. The investment in quality LED lamp technology at the outset has not only paid off in terms of customer satisfaction for Van der Valk Dordrecht, but will bring environmental and cost savings to the owners for many years to come.


* Based on calculation of:

Replacing 1085 x 50W 12V halogen lamps with LED 10W G53 20V AR111 and 90 x 35W halogen PAR16’s with 90 x 4W LED PAR16/20 reflectors running in the lobby, corridors, restaurant and bar areas.

Replacing 160 x 45W incandescent bulbs with 160 x 8W LED Classic lamps and 90 x 15W Incandescent bulbs with 90 x 3W

LED Ping Pongs, running in the bedrooms. Replacing 35W halogen PAR16’s with 90 x 4W LED PAR16 reflectors, running in the bathrooms.

Energy Cost: €0.19/kWh, C02 Emissions: 0.43 kg/kWh


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